Gas Chromatographs for Education and Industry


CGA21-3   Gas Chromatograph with Thermal Conductivity Detector TCD



Integrated gas chromatograph closes the gap between system devices and demonstration devices for education, combining many features of a professional system device with compact dimensions and an excellent price/performance ratio.



1. Technical Data Chromatograph


Column Oven: Stainless steel forced air column oven with programmable heating. Precision temperature control using Pt500 sensor elements and digital PID regulation with trailing-edge phase control. Max. heating power 400 W.


Injektor: Split injector with seoarate digital PID regulation. Manual or automatic temperature programming from column oven temperature programme.  Max. heating power 100 W


Thermal Conductivity Detector Stainless steel detector block with precision Tungsten/Rhenium filament pair made by GOW-MAC USA
Automatic or manual balancing of measurement bridge.



Combustion air generation for  FID with membrane pump and integrated activated charcoal filter , no need for pressurized "artificial" air containers.  Charcoal filter can be reactivated in regular laboratory oven.



2. Integrated Control


Integrated PC-compatible board featuring  32-Bit IA CPU, 1024 MByte RAM and CompactFlash Disk holding  2-16 GByte. Digital temperature regulation  and flow control, data aquisition and storage.


Standard PC connector panel for monitor 1280X1024, mouse and keyboard. USB connector for data storage on USB removable memory devices. Ethernet network connector.



3. Software


Multitasking-OS  32 Bit with realtime properties.


Integrated software package


• data aquisition and digital storage of GC data including metadata in human readable XML-Format

• interactive setting of measurement parameters

• storing parameter sets as method files

• scalable visualization of GC curves

• semi-automatic integration of peaks

• comparing two measurement,  quantitative determination of substances

• report generation as pdf - files

• context help for every part of the program including maintainance





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