Gas Chromatographs for Education and Industry

filling the gap...

„filling the gap…“ integrated Gas Chromatograph close the gap between demonstration devices and "big" commercial systems. The Chromatograph incorporates many properties of big GC workstations with compact dimensions and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Integrated GC concept in a compact housing:

Basic functional blocks of a gas chromatograph: Injector, column oven, detector, gas management.


Integrated control :  built in computer with 32-Bit CPU, Operating System and Software on  Compact-Flash disk. Digital temperature regulation and data acquisition. Measurement data storage on USB memory stick.


Software: 32 Bit Multitasking-OS  with real time properties. System software for GC hardware control, Graphical User Interface for setting up measurements and evaluating chromatograms.


Range of functions:


  • interactive setting of measurement parameters
  • scalable visualisation of chromatographic curves
  • semi automatic integration of peaks
  • comparison of reference and measurement peak for determination of peak mass. .
  • storing and archiving of chromatograms on digital media  in human readable XML-format
  • report generation in pdf - format.
  • context sensitive help function for every aspect of  program.


Simple Transport

Simple transport, simply portable...


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