Gas Chromatographs for Education and Industry


Gas Chromatography is  a mature technique.   Speed of innovation of its key components has slowed down substantially since the nineties.


In complete contrast to this the electronics field is characterised by a high speed of innovation and a correspondingly high frequency of new and obsolete products. Live cycle of electronic devices is getting shorter and shorter. Sooner or later your GC will contain a lot of precious mechanical components which are completely in order whilst electronic and software are outdated and not upgradeable.


We therefore offer our customers the possibility  to refurbish their outdated gas chromatograph for further use. The procedure is simple. You send us your old gas chromatograph in a special container which is provided by us.  Refurbishing is then performed in the following steps:


  • The device will be dismantled, the individual components will be cleaned and tested.
  • Usable parts will be installed into a new housing.
  • Outdated or defective components will be replaced by new parts, which applies mostly for electronic parts.
  • New operating system and software will be installed
  • The device will be tested and adjusted.

You will get an up to date Chromatograph for a fractional price of a new one.. Interested? Go to the contact page and request a quote.


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